Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ryan Adams in Houston tonight

Gwen and I are going to the Ryan Adams show tonight. Weird fact: it's all assigned seating. I'm kind of hoping for one of those infamous Ryan Adams meltdowns to where he storms off the stage in disgust, vowing never to come back. And then! Out of nowhere, I would get up on stage, grab one of the guitars, and just start WAILING, playing my OWN songs--including my soon-to-be-hit, "Dos Huevos (Por Favor)"--and the crowd would just get completely PUMPED. I would then get signed to a recording contract by the biggest record company in the world that same night and quit my job the next day. Next stop: a coke habit, rehab, and a tell-all book. I win again!


yinyangnitro said...

See if you can launch your shoe onstage and hit him in the head as he is playing. If bad-sounding monitors make him freak out, then imagine if he had to go through what Billy Corgan went through? Where's The Shoeman?!

Barrett the Cat said...

True. Ryan Adams's head would have probably exploded if he had been hit by a shoe like Billy Corgan was back at Rockefeller's West in 1993.