Monday, June 30, 2008

You're the best . . . AROUND!!!

Will someone, preferably a scientist, explain to me how this is so awesome? Because I need to know. To paraphrase Michael Ian Black, this video blows my mind all over my face:

Just watching this video again, I feel faint from how ridiculously rad this karate is, what with the chopping and the punching and the kicking and the jumping and the hi-ya'ing. I had the VHS version of this movie in middle school, and I used to watch it constantly and get so pumped up. If there was one lesson I learned, it was that household chores can teach you karate. And learn karate I did: do the dishes, take out the trash, polish the silver, re-sew the lace doilies that go on the sofa, feed grandma her pills, clean out the cat box, etc. I learned all the sweetest moves.

Until I finally was ready to confront the group of bullies at school that had pushed me around long enough. Using my karate, I challenged my tormentors to a fight and proceeded to unleash a monsoon of kicks and chops the likes of which the quadrangle at St. Anne's middle school had never seen. While I still got got my head bashed apart pretty unmercifully that day, the main thing was that I finally stood up to those scary girls.

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