Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MMJ and the Milky Way

This past Sunday night, I was at Griffith Observatory in L.A. and what kick-ass band happened to be playing at the adjacent, outdoor Greek Theatre? If you guessed the original New Edition, you would be wrong (about their playing at the Greek Theatre on Sunday, not about them being a kick-ass band). No, it was My Morning Jacket and I could hear them very clearly from the grounds of the Observatory. The innerneck doesn't have very good footage of the show, but here's a good video of "The Way That He Sings," one of my favorite MMJ songs, from one of their ACL Festival appearances:

And here is Jim James taking the room down a notch on "Steam Engine":

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Yinyangnitro said...

The Greek Theatre and Griffith Observatory are sweet! New Edition actually played there the very next night, but it wasn't the original lineup. They actually played in the Observatory as part of their new planetarium laser light show. The Raconteurs played at the Greek that same night as well. Afterwards, there was an altercation between the 2 groups in the parking lot, but by the end they became best friends and are now writing songs together and planning on a joint tour. Apparently New Edition has been struggling since their 2004 breakup with Bad Boy Records, but with Jack White taking them under his wings, they are sure to rock, so watch out! Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, and Johnny Gill had no comment and are proceeding with their new group called "The Summit," which actually will be playing at The Greek in LA on Nov 9, 2008, at 7:30pm. Check it out!