Monday, April 21, 2008

But can you put a price on rawk?

Although I stopped reading Spin magazine some time shortly after high school, it apparently still exists, and not only that, it apparently has some interesting information every now and then. Like this article on what various jobs in the music industry--such as a touring band's sound engineer or a music publicist--pay. For someone like me who's always looking with envy at the roadies as they set up before a show, the article is a valuable reminder that crappy desk jobs pay well precisely because they are crappy. So thank you, Spin; I'm sorry for having disregarded you for so long. But then again, you also run articles like this. So when it comes to your affect on the human condition, I don't know what to think. My conclusion: push.


Alison said...

"frazzle-haired axeman," "crew of seasoned shredders," "raucous delivery"? This is not a push. Also, the photo on your post and the photo accompanying the velvet revolver article are identical.

Barrett the Cat said...

You actually read the Velvet Revolver article?! DORK!!