Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I told you Radiohead was greedy

To kick off the release of the single "Nude"--and perhaps to make up for the fact that In Rainbows was spookily free--Radiohead has hatched a money-making scheme disguised as a fan-friendly remix contest. Here's how it works: fans will be able to buy the five isolated tracks of "Nude" (i.e., the separate vocals, the separate drums, the separate guitar, etc.) and create their own remix of the song, which they can then upload to Visitors to the appropriate Facebook and MySpace pages will vote for the remixes they like the most. There will be no prizes for the highest vote-getters, but "Radiohead will listen to the best remixes."
How does all this make money? Each individual track, or "stem," costs $0.99 on iTunes. So that's $5 right there, and that's assuming you don't also end up buying Phil Collins's entire No Jacket Required album ($9.99) since you're already on iTunes anyway.

So when all is said and done, it's pretty much a safe bet that you'll be about $15.00 lighter as a result of all this (though you will have "Sussudio" to jam to). Don't tell me these marketing people don't know exactly what they're doing.

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