Friday, April 4, 2008

For the Reverend Martin Luther King, sing

Today, April 4, marks the fortieth anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination. For a certain generation of people, especially those who were not alive at the time, that exact date is etched in memory thanks in large part to U2 and its song "Pride (In the Name of Love)": "Early morning, April 4 / a shot rings out in the Memphis sky / Free at last, they took your life / But they could not take your pride . . . ."

It has been often pointed out, however, that Bono's lyrics are not entirely historically accurate, as Dr. King was assassinated not in the "early morning," but rather at 6:01 P.M. local time. But as also has been pointed out, "About supper time, April 4" doesn't really seem to work, either. I think we can all forgive Bono this bit of artistic license, given the laudable intent behind the song:

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