Monday, March 17, 2008

Art Garfunkel: songbird, reader

Art Garfunkel, best known as the female half of 1960s husband-and-wife duo Sonny & Garfunkel, likes to read books. In fact, his official website contains a log of each and every book he has read since June 1968 to the present (totaling more than 1000 books). For each book, Garfunkel lists the author, title, publication date, and how many pages it was. For real. I spent all morning adding up the number of cumulative pages he's read over the last forty years, and the number got so big I passed out. (Just as a heads-up, the number is definitely bigger than 500.)
Actually, I really do love Simon & Garfunkel, and I wholeheartedly buy into the no-duh notion that Paul Simon is one of the best songwriters in the history of pop music. Hearts and Bones (1983) and Graceland (1986) are both unbelievably gorgeous albums. But Garfunkel's The Animals Christmas Album (with Amy Grant) (1986)? I'm going to go with very believable and less gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Sammy Hagar has kept a similar list over the years.

Anonymous said...

Very good question. Everybody knows how cerebral Hagar is. If not a log of his books, maybe a log of his favorite math theorems.