Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One bad jam

Here is a scene from the unbelievable movie Krush Groove (1985) that features the unbelievabler Sheila E. and the unbelievablest Prince singing one of the best jams of all time, "A Love Bizarre." Note however that, while Prince's voice appears on the track, his tiny little self is nowhere to be seen. Also note that the track is not included on the Krush Groove soundtrack but instead appears on Sheila E.'s album, Romance 1600. I was just starting sixth grade in the fall of 1985--the height of the Cold War and Sheila E. mania--and it seemed like all of America was walking around their houses in lacy pirate gear and fingerless gloves, all the while banging on a lone snare drum with only one stick. Boy did I ever fall right into that fad. I would wear my Sheila E. outfit and take that snare drum with me everywhere--school, the mall, band practice (I played flute), my weekly orthopedist appointment, everywhere. It's embarrassing to think about now, but it was the only way I could make sense of my world at the time.

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