Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two from The New Pornographers

I don't think I had seen any videos from The New Pornographers before actively searching for them on YouTube. My search, like the bounty enjoyed by the Pilgrims and the Native-Americans at the first Thanksgiving, was fruitful: here are the videos for "Myriad Harbour" and "Challengers," two of the catchier (and thus more popular) songs from the album Challengers (2007). Just as an aside, I saw TNP on a double-bill with Spoon this past November at Warehouse Live (the Houston Press review of the show is here), and Neko Case annoyed me throughout TNP's entire set. Part of it was that it seemed like just because she had that tambourine she thought her life was so sweet. Well, news flash, Ms. Case: I'm saving up for a tambourine myself, and when I get it we'll see whose life is so sweet then!

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