Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Radiohead is expensive

Radiohead is playing the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Woodlands Pavilion Wood on May 17, 2008. Tickets went on sale awhile back, but I was too busy sitting on my sofa to buy them, so the only way to get tickets now is through a ticket broker. A quick lunchtime suvey of prices on the internet shows that prices for this show are just downright obscene. Tickets in the center of the pit, row P (so the sixteenth row), are going for as high as $7,000 each. Which is just plain wrong, as that's exactly $7,000 more than what I paid for In Rainbows. (It is clear that Radiohead is just bound and determined to get that $7,000 from me one way or the other. You're a worthy adversary, Radiohead. A worthy adversary, indeed.)


Eliot Phone Home said...

Now I feel like a sucker for paying the full seven grand for In Rainbows.

Barrett the Cat said...

Sucker! NEVER pay retail!!!